Fighting against Obamacare
“Obamacare is bad medicine and Texas needs strong leaders who’ll stop it from being forced down our throat. That’s why I stood up for our families and stood against liberal efforts to take over Texas’ health care system. Working closely with fellow conservatives in the Texas House, we stood on our principles and were able to defeat this expensive and wasteful expansion of Obamacare in Texas, saving billions of dollars in new Medicaid spending.”

Improving Texas schools
“I worked hard this past legislative session to stop the unnecessary standardized testing in our schools that was wasting the time of teachers, students and parents. The best way to improve education is not with excessive testing mandated from Austin, but rather by returning control of our schools to local community leaders, increasing transparency in our school districts and making sure more education dollars are spent directly in the classrooms.”

Help for Texas teachers
“A former School Board Trustee, I have worked with our dedicated teachers at the ground level to achieve academic excellence. Now, I am leading efforts in Austin to increase salaries for our best educators and improve our state’s teacher retirement fund. Educating our next generation of Texas workers is important to the long term success of our state, and increasing our teacher salaries would prove the high value we place on their efforts.”

Protecting taxpayers
“As your Representative, I have forced our state government to took a hard look at the books, cut wasteful spending and balanced the budget … without a tax increase. Now, with some politicians proposing new and higher sales taxes on working families, I will again stand my ground on behalf of taxpayers and say “No!” to taking more money out of your pocket.”

Cutting wasteful spending
“As the only candidate in this race to propose a top-to-bottom overhaul of all state agencies to stop wasteful spending, I know the best government is lean and efficient with fiscal policies that boost our economy and promote job growth. Every state program should have to prove its worth to Texans by guaranteeing taxpayers are getting their money’s worth.”

Securing our borders
“When it comes to protecting our southern border, our federal government has looked the other way for too long while illegal immigration is overwhelming our social services and schools, and costing taxpayers millions of dollars each year. It’s time for our state government to take a more aggressive approach to stop illegal immigration. This means putting troops on the border to stop drug cartels, banning sanctuary cities, requiring a photo ID to vote and restricting access to non-emergency social services to protect Texas taxpayers.”

Helping small businesses
“As a small business owner, I know many businesses are struggling with the choice of paying their state taxes or hiring additional employees. That’s why one of my proudest accomplishments is reducing the punitive Margins Tax for Texas’ small businesses – the same tax I opposed in 2005 – freeing up billions of dollars that can be used to promote economic growth.”

Protecting the 2nd Amendment
“I believe the 2nd Amendment guarantees our fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms. As your State Representative, I will continue doing everything I can to protect our 2nd Amendment rights, especially with President Obama continuing his assault our country’s constitution. To be clear – I will support no law that interferes with our right to keep and bear firearms in Texas.”

Improving government transparency
“I have made making opening our state government one of my top priorities. That’s why I took on the status quo in Austin, led efforts to make our legislature more transparent and stopped legislators from voting in secret by helping pass a bill that required every vote in the Texas House to be officially recorded and made public.”

Freedom and liberty
“Washington politicians and bureaucrats are looking at every opportunity to expand their reach into our daily lives and pocketbooks so it is imperative we continue to protect our personal liberties and maintain our special way of life. I fully support the simple policy of saying “No!” to Washington and we should make sure our Attorney General has the funds and support needed to stand up to President Obama and the expensive mandates from the federal government.”